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Masters in Nursing (Nurse Educator Track)

Degree At A Glance:

Number of Credits 36
Cost Per Credit $ 300
Total Tuition $ 10,800

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The Masters in Nursing Nurse Educator Program is 36 credit hour program and is  offered fully online. The Darton College of Health Professions at Albany State University provides nurses with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and hands-on experiences that will allow them to provide high-quality care in a dynamic healthcare environment.  

Program Contact Information
Program Advisor Dr. Donyale Childs   229-500-2323
Online Specialist Dr. Denata Williams Schedule Now with Dr. Denata Williams 229-500-2913

Albany State University recommends the following course track for transfer students.
If you would like to use a different track, please contact your Online Support Specialist.

Course Listing for Year 1
Course Title Credits
NURS 5111 Nursing Theory Devel 3 hours
NURS 5120 Adv. Nursing Research 3 hours
NURS 5210 Adv. Pathophysiology 3 hours
NURS 5220 Fam. Div. Vul. Comm. 2 hours
NURS 5910 Pharm. in Adv. Practice 3 hours
NURS 5950 Curriculum Development 3 hours
NURS 6001 Instructional Strats./ Eval 5 hours
Course Listing for Year 2
Course Title Credits
NURS 6620 Adv. Teaching Practicum 3 hours
NURS 6622 Adv.Practice Nursing II 5 hours
NURS 6920 Thesis/Scholarly Project 3 hours

The following program details are intended to help you make an informed decision about the college that’s right for you.

Table of Completion Rates
Tuition and Fees Information Table
Tuition & Fees as of July 30, 2018
Tuition $10,800
Institutional Fee $225 / per semester
Technology Fee $65 / per semester

For more information on jobs related to this program, please click on the below links to the O*NET website sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Table of related jobs to this degree/program
25107200 Nursing Instructors and Teachers, Post-secondary

This program is designed to prepare graduates to pursue a job in this field or related fields. Although career and professional development services are available to students and graduates, finding a job is the individual responsibility of the student. We do not guarantee that any student will be placed in any particular job, or at all.

Total Credits (36 Hours)