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Take a moment and imagine a person (for the purposes of imagination, it does not matter whether the person is a man or a woman). Imagine that this person intuitively discovers all of the secrets of the universe, but has no language to communicate these secrets to others. While this person is brilliant by his or her subjective standard, and would be considered clever if only he or she could communicate, this person would represent the greatest loss to humanity of all time.

The faculty and staff of the department of English, Modern Languages, and Mass Communication is dedicated to helping Albany State University students master language, and by mastering language, to help students to communicate their ideas and discoveries.

As a student, whether you join us only for the Core Curriculum courses in English and Modern Languages, or whether you are willing to take the challenge of pursuing one of our majors, we welcome you. Together we can ensure that your thoughts and discoveries will not be lost, but will become a part of the great human record through Albany State University’s English, Modern Languages, and Mass Communication.

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