College of Business Advisory Board

Membership Responsibilities

Appendix A

Albany State University’s College of Business Advisory Board Membership Responsibilities:

Active participation enhances a member’s experience on the Advisory Board and is vital to the College of Business’ ongoing success.  Members are encouraged to engage in activities that match their abilities and interests, and the College’s needs.  Examples include :

College of Business Students In Lecture
Advisory Board Membership Responsibilities
Opportunities Contribution
Advisement Observing instruction, evaluate course relevance and rigor, serving as an expert to provide practitioner’s perspective to advance learning for students.
MentorshipIdentifying students in major areas for development opportunities, improving employability through coaching; engaging situational leadership to aid students in professional development.
Speakers Identifying and helping to secure high profile speakers for classes, major events, etc.
Team projects Providing organization access for student projects and/or case development
Student Recruitment Referring students for BS/BAS and MBA education programs
InternshipsIdentifying organizations with summer internships for prepared students
EmploymentIdentifying organizations with employment opportunities; hiring graduates; participating in activities that build students’ job search skills
Corporate research and consultingEngaging faculty resources for specific corporate research and/or consulting projects, outside the realm of executive education programs
Corporate sponsorshipIdentifying and facilitating opportunities for corporate sponsorship, such as lecture series, student events, etc.
Event partnering Hosting events for alumni and/or student functions, etc.
Corporate and personal philanthropy Facilitating corporate or personal support for teaching, research and the College’s programs
Professorships and Chairs Facilitating funding for faculty positions to attract and retain world class faculty
Scholarships Facilitating financial support for scholarships to attract the highest quality students from around the world
Other Other creative means of contributing to the College’s success are encouraged