2018 Summer
Learning Academy

College of Education, Albany State University

STEM mathlon

The 2018 Summer Learning Academy presents STEMathlon, a seven-hour, jam-packed day of STEM fun designed to get kids excited about math and science next school year! In science, kids will

  • build model replicas of the body’s organ systems,
  • diagnose infectious diseases, and
  • experiment with states of matter!

In math, they will

  • use M&Ms to determine probability and calculate percentages,
  • solve clues in our math “escape” classroom, and
  • find the area and perimeter of cookies and candies!

Kids must bring their own snacks and lunch. Appropriate for ages 7-11.

Student Chemist


Selected for the 2017 Innovations Inventory of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Educators (AACTE)

STEM-Based Enrichment Program


July 20


Program Fees:

$15 per participant

Located in Billy C. Black Building Room 183 on ASU East Campus

Register by July 15

Limited Spaces Available

For more information contact

Dr. Erica DeCuir