College of Sciences & Technology

Dean’s Message

Photo of: Dr. Seyed RoostaWelcome to Albany State University (ASU), College of Sciences and Technology. What a phenomenal experience you have in store for you!

The programs of Biology, Chemistry and Forensic Sciences and Mathematics and Computer Science are dynamic and demanding, but also very rewarding. The professions these programs can lead you to play pivotal roles in today’s society by providing greatly desired and high-quality services to our local and global community.  Your career may include Physician or other Primary Health Care Professional, Researcher, Teacher or Faculty member, Stock Market Analyst, Banking Specialist, Statistician, Computer Security Specialist, Software Engineer, System Designer, Crime Scene Investigator or DNA Specialist, among many others. As the next generation of science and technology professionals, you are wanted and needed in the workforce.

Our faculty and staff, and the programs they deliver, provide students with the classroom and experiential learning needed to become competent professional. We are proud to have a nationally-accredited Chemistry program and the only nationally-accredited Forensic Science program in the State of Georgia! Albany State University has state-of-the-art laboratory and research equipment to facilitate preparation of graduates who are prepared to fully realize their potential in the workforce.

The ASU faculty serve as mentors and role models for students in the varied science fields, and they also collaborate with professionals across the state and the nation to connect students with internships and summer programs designed for career growth.

As a student, you will be challenged to devote your time and energies to reading, studying hard and preparing well.  These activities will help you to gain the competence and confidence you need to provide the best possible professional service for your community, your country and globally.

You are just beginning your professional expedition. For those of you in school for the first time, this is the initial stop on a trip with many possible destinations. Those of you continuing your education know that this is one of many new stops on your ongoing journey. There is no limit to how far your academic and career travels will take you.  You may not know your ultimate destination, but we are delighted you have decided to make Albany State University, College of Sciences and Technology a part of your journey.

Welcome again, and thank you in advance for your future service to the science and technology fields.

Dr. Seyed Roosta,
Interim Dean, College of Sciences and Technology