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Financial Aid

PACE Calculator for Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

PACE refers to your completion ratio -- You must successfully complete a minimum of 67% (NO rounding) of the cumulative credit hours attempted (cumulative earned hours/cumulative attempted hours). Grades of F, W, WF, U, I, and NR do not indicate successfully completed courses. They will be counted as attempted, but not earned hours. For the full SAP Policy please visit the Financial Aid home page, select “Satisfactory Academic Progress”, then select the policy pertaining to the year for which you are inquiring.

Enter your information below to view your current PACE percentage and, if below the minimum standard, to see how many hours you must pass in order to reach the 67% and be in good standing for financial aid purposes. The information for steps 1 - 4 can be found by accessing your Banner Web.

Enter the following information:
(refers to the number of hours enrolled as of the last day to add/drop for the current semester)
(refers to the number of hours currently enrolled in as of today -
do not include any hours that you have withdrawn from or are no longer attending)

The information displayed in this calculator is based upon the accuracy of the information entered. If you would like to verify the accuracy of your calculation(s), please contact the Office of Financial Aid during regular business hours.