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Albany State University Procurement Department is responsible for the procuring of goods and services for the University using the most responsible and cost effective method. We adhere to Federal and State laws, the Georgia Department of Administration Services (DOAS) regulation and procedures, University System of Georgia policies and guidelines as well as those guidelines set forth by Albany State policies and procedures. Before making purchases, we take on the roll of making sure we are getting the best value.

Purchasing Guidelines

  • Please use Statewide contract Suppliers as the first source of purchasing supplies and goods.
  • If the item is not on Statewide Contract you may choose any supplier who can provide the goods at the best cost.
  • The first method of procuring goods is to use the university purchasing card (P-Card)
  • Secondly, is to submit your request in E-Procurement (e-Pro) for orders up to $15,000.00.
  • Although E-Pro is a preferred method, it should not be used with a grant account or for consultants, and no invoices should be put in to e-Pro.
  • When typing requisitions, always provide the vendor’s name, address, telephone number the correct budget number.
  • All purchases exceeding the $25,000.00 threshold must be put out for competitive bid. Department should provide detailed specifications of the service(s) or product(s) along with the requisition.
  • All computers, software and technology related equipment must have an approved EDP formed from Information Technology attached to all e-Pro and requisitions in order to process.
  • All service related jobs, consultant, maintenance – An E-Verify form is required by the federal government and the State of Georgia,O.C.G.A 13-10-91(b) for any procurement of $2,500 or more for services performed. All E-Verify forms must be completed prior to the start of the service.
Standard office operating hours.
Admin Staff Office Hours
Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Office locations for both East and West Campus
Office Location at East Campus
Billy C. Black Building 382-A
(BCB 382-A)
504 College Drive
Albany,GA. 31705
Office Location at West Campus
“K” Building
2400 Gillionville Road
Albany,GA. 31707
Contact information for procurement
Contact Information
Telephone: (229) 430-3094 (East)
Telephone: (229) 430-5098 (East)
Telephone: (229) 317-6886 (West)
E-mail Address: