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Reporting and Information

What is Argos?

Argos is a reporting tool that allows end users to extract Banner data in the form of reports, spreadsheets, etc.

Only available on campus or through VPN.

Argos is available to all Staff, Deans, and Chairs.

Not an Argos User and Need an Argos Account?

Complete the following steps:

  1. Print out and complete the Request for Argos User Account Form
    • Provides access to all except the following areas:
      • Grades
      • Transcripts
      • Financial Aid
      • Fiscal Affairs
    • To receive access to these restricted directories, please contact the data owner.
  2. Obtain your supervisor’s signature on the form
  3. Scan the form back to your computer
  4. Go to the Samange “Request for Argos Access” Service Request
  5. Fill out the service request form and attach the scanned copy of the request form

Not finding what you need?

If you have looked through the reports and are unable to locate the report you need, you may request a new report using the link below.

Did you find what you need but it needs to be changed?

Once you have verified that it does not appear, you may request a modification using the link below.

Who may use Argos?

Argos is available to all Staff, Deans, and Chairs.

What do I do when I try to login to Argos and it says “the user id ‘jdoe’ does not exist or has an incorrect password?

This can indicate that your domain/email password has expired. In some cases you may not be warned to change your password. Contact the Help Desk using helpdesk@asurams.edu and put in the Title “Determine if AD/Email Password has Expired”.

Once all of the data in the NewU (Banner C) becomes the single source of data for both campuses, what happens to the old Darton State Banner and Albany State University Banner?

The Darton and ASU Banner databases will remain in a read-only mode to allow end users to generate historical reports.

What happened to the Argos directory structure?

Over the past months the IT staff have been working endlessly to copy both Darton and ASU Argos information and place them in a single location. As the number of dashboards grew it was apparent that there was a lot of duplication. A new business process was established that called for the creation of a “Common” directory when duplicate reports are found. This directory contains reports that are needed by all users of Argos and that reports in the “Common” directory will not be copied to each of the “Department” directories.

How do I find a report if I don’t know the exact name?

The best way is to utilize the search feature within Argos. By entering in a keyword such as graduate you will see a list of dashboards and reports that contain that keyword. Then select the desired dashboard/report from the list.

Example: Search for the word “class” will provide you with something similar to the screenshot below.

Argos Search Example

Search result includes Name, Path, Description, and more.

Standard office hours for most administrative staff
Admin Staff Office Hours
Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Campus and building location for the associated office
Office Location
Technology Services Building, West Campus
2400 Gillionville Road
Albany, GA. 31707
Departmental contact information
Contact Information
Telephone: (229) 430-4909
Fax: (229) 438-2769
E-mail Address: argos@asurams.edu