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Andrew Tabatt


  I got an opportunity of an open position at GBI Moultrie Crime Lab and applied, my success of getting my job at the GBI Crime Lab in Moultrie was about persistence and not giving up. “And now I am working here at the Lab and I am so far loving every minute of it.’’  Andrew Tabatt





Alexis BaileyI am currently a Crime Scene Technician working for the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office. My job duties include responding to major crime scenes, photographing the scene, collecting and processing evidence, writing reports, and testifying in court when called upon. . I am not only being trained for my regular duties but I am also being trained up to be the future of the crime scene area. “In about 5 years, I will be the “go to” person for   crime scene.”- Alexis K Bailey


 Deandra FrancisDeandra Francis is a graduate of Albany State University. She graduated Cum Laude in May of 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science with a Minor in Chemistry.   Recently she has accepted a position and now works with The Albany Police Department as a Crime Scene Technician. “This job allows me to apply many of the skills thought to her, such as Forensic Photography, Latent Print Development, Crime Scene Reconstruction and much more to her day to day.”-   Deandra Francis