Chair's Message

You are here! You need not go any farther. Welcome to the Department of English, Modern Languages and Mass Communication and its homepage. While the Department offers much more, our homepage provides an overview of our academic offerings, programs of study, faculty and staff, activities and student organizations. Currently, the Department offers the A.A. and B.A. degrees in English and the B.A. in Secondary English Education and Mass Communication with concentrations in Media Arts and Public Relations and Strategic Communication. Minors available in the Department include English, Spanish, Creative Writing, Professional Writing, Technical Communication and Mass Communication. Educated at some of the most prestigious college and universities in the nation, our faculty is strong and diverse and is ready to assist you in achieving your educational goals. The Department’s curricular and co-curricular activities compare favorably with those of most universities, especially our Annual Poetry Festival and Annual Hip Hop Conference, both of which have featured some of America’s best poets and scholars and gained national recognition for the Department. My hope is that the information on our homepage will provide answers to questions you may have about majors in English and Mass Communication and guide you as you choose a degree. I hope, too, that you will find the activities of the Department attractive and beneficial to you as a major. If you have questions, please contact any of our faculty or staff members or me whose email addresses and phones are listed in the Department’s faculty section. Again, welcome to our Department, and do join us as we explore the vicissitudes of language and literature.