Sigma Tau Delta

Sigma Tau Delta - International English Honor Society


Sigma Tau Delta is the International English Honor Society. Its purpose is to confer distinction on undergraduates, graduates, and scholars in academia, as well as upon professional writers who have realized high achievements in either the linguistics or the literature of the English Language.

Member Institutions

Through the establishment of chapters on the campuses of approximately two hundred colleges and universities throughout the United States, Sigma Tau Delta affords exceptional students in the field of English an opportunity for furthering cultural stimulation, for formulating ethical principles, for developing skills in creative and critical writing, and for fostering a spirit of fellowship.

Student Involvement

Student members of Sigma Tau Delta may gain prestige through publication in The Rectangle and may achieve national recognition upon meriting any one of three annual awards. Association with eminent persons in the profession of English is accorded students at the regional conventions and at the National convention.


During the more than a half a century of the society’s existence, more than 35,000 have acceded to Sigma Tau Delta’s cherished motto: “Sincerity, Truth, Design,” which bespeaks of purposeful dedication in life to the attainment of excellence.

National Membership

Sigma Tau Delta is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS). The Association was organized on October 2, 1925, by a group of college and university teachers, administrators, and representatives of a few well-established honor societies. Its object was then, and is now, to consider problems of mutual interest such as those arising from the confusion prevailing on college campuses concerning issues such as the following:

  • The character, function, standards of membership;
  • Multiplicity and undesirable duplication of honor societies;
  • Recommendations for action leading to appropriate classification, high standards, reasonable cost of membership, consolidation or elimination;
  • Promotion of the higher interests of honor societies.

Qualifications for Membership

To qualify for membership in Sigma Tau Delta, upperclassmen must meet the following:

  • Completion of at least three semesters of the college courses.
  • Completion of two college courses in literature (in addition to the usual courses in freshman English).
  • Attainment of at least a B average in English.
  • Rank in the highest 35% of their class in general scholarship (Cumulative Academic Record).

This record should be provided to the local chapter by the Registrar of the university.


Currently, new Sigma Tau Delta members submit a one-time dues payment of $37.00 for lifetime membership. Albany State University English and Modern Language majors who meet the requirements for membership may apply to the Zeta Phi Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta by completing an application provided by the faculty advisor(s) and submitting the current dues required by the International Office.

Faculty Advisers