Division of Business' Mission & Philosophy


We are a community of innovative faculty and staff committed to enhancing student learning, producing quality research and promoting regional economic development.

Mission Statement:

Collaboratively, we will deliver high quality teaching, promote active learning, and develop future business leaders for a global society. The essential elements necessary to accomplish this mission include:

  • Providing undergraduate and graduate students with an environment that focuses on all dimensions of learning–knowledge, understanding, skills, behaviors, values and attitudes (Learning)
  • Improving instruction and advising, refining our image, integrating community, and embracing innovation (Improvement)
  • Creating and disseminating knowledge on business issues through publications and partnerships with constituents (Knowledge)
  • Serving community through professional endeavors and practices (Service)
  • Practicing stewardship by managing resources efficiently and effectively (Stewardship)
  • Fostering a culture of accountability, inclusion, and collaboration (Diversity)

Division of Business' Distinguishing Characteristics

Student Success

We support and develop students who contribute to society, are effective communicators and problem solvers, think globally, and are technologically astute, ethical leaders and followers.


Our faculty publish valuable research to benefit both our academic and business communities.

Passion and Quality

We have an entrepreneurial spirit and organizational culture with a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

Business Services Provider

We demonstrate the principles and best practices we teach by directly engaging in business opportunities with educational products and consulting services that reflect the entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen that the College of Professional Studies instills in its students.