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Faculty Travel Grant

Albany State University is committed to fostering the dissemination of new research and supporting its faculty in this endeavor. The CTLS Faculty Travel Grants exist for this purpose. The travel committee utilizes strict guidelines for the distribution of funds to ensure fairness and equity throughout the university.  The availability of travel funds distributed by the committee is a vehicle for  Albany State University to continue its strong presence in the research community. The travel grant consist of $1000 in travel support that may be applied to the costs of conference attendance and participation in the U.S. and up to $1500 in travel support for conferences held outside of the U.S. (Meals are not reimbursable through the Faculty Travel Grant.) There are currently four (4) faculty travel grants available. Grant awards are disbursed at the discretion of the Center for Teaching, Learning & Scholarship and are contingent upon availability of funds.

For more information or to apply for a Faculty Travel Grant contact the Center for Teaching, Learning and Scholarship at 229-430-1632 or via email at