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ASU Lecture Series Program

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Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Albany State University Lecture Series is to provide a coordinated succession of quality lecture events for Albany State University students, faculty, staff, and the community to stimulate and enhance the student’s intellectual ability and desire for continued academic success and social development. The Lecture Series complements the intellectual atmosphere surrounding the University and promotes and increases students’ exposure beyond the classroom to individuals with life enlightening experiences and successes. Realizing the rare opportunity for this particular type of connection for many students, the Lecture Series provides the student population an opportunity to interact and establish direct informal and formal contact with successful individuals from diverse backgrounds and various fields of study for mutual assistance and support.

Intended Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Self Development – Students will have a better understanding and awareness of their strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Goal Setting/Life-Long Learning – Students will raise their level of consciousness regarding the seriousness of higher education and its relevance to advanced educational pursuits in graduate and professional schools, professional achievements and success, and life-long goals.
  3. Effective Communication – Students will cultivate and improve their oral and written communication skills through individual and group interactions with various lecturers. Also, effective communication will be developed as students recruited to be program participants prepare and present greetings, introduce speakers, serve as ushers and participate in other speaking and writing components of the Lecture Series.
  4. Global Awareness – ASU students will increase their knowledge of the social, academic and professional environment and better understand how today’s life issues are globally connected.