Seminar Courses

HONORS SEMINARS (Repeatable up to 12 hours) Students in the Honors Program will meet in a weekly seminar. Topics will vary according to student and faculty interests. These seminars will emphasize the common ground of intellectual endeavor and will provide an opportunity for all Honors Program students to work together. Prerequisite: Admission to the Honors Program.

Honors Program Seminars

HONR 1102 Honors Seminar II 1(1-0)
This seminar will focus on the development of logical theory.

HONR 2101 Honors Seminar III 1(1-0)
This seminar will examine the major theories and style of leadership.

HONR 2102 Honors Seminar IV 1(1-0)
An expanded focus on literature, art, and music and forms of popular culture, this seminar provides ethical and philosophical expressions of humanistic issues treated on HONR 2112.

HONR 2103 Honors Seminar V 1(1-0)
The seminar will focus on the media, its utilizations and influence in society.

HONR 3101 Honors Seminar VI 1(1-0)
This seminar will focus on career exploration.

HONR 3102 Honors Seminar VII 1(1-0)
Students will focus on preparing research prospects. Project topics and proposals for Bachelor’s essay should be completed and approved by the end of the seminar.

HONR 4101 Honors Seminar VIII 1(1-0)
Students will work on Bachelor’s essays. Topics will very according to student’s interests.

HONR 4102 Honors Seminar IX 1(1-0)
Students will complete and present Bachelor’s essays begun in HONR 4101 and receive guidance in the development of personal statements.