Dual Enrollment

Admissions Process

Dual Enrollment students may enroll in an Associate of Art of Associate of Science core curriculum program. Applicants for this program must submit to the Dual Enrollment Coordinator or Specialist the following items:

Needed before you are accepted:

  1. A properly completed application for admission.
  2. A transcript of secondary school credits completed to date with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 in academic subjects or a numerical average of 80.
  3. Scores meeting the following criteria:
SAT or ACT scores required before admission
Test Reading (SAT)
English (ACT)
SAT 24 22
ACT 17 17


ACCUPLACER scores required before admission
Test Reading WritePlacer/English Algebra
ACCUPLACER 63 4 MATH 1111 – 79
MATH 1001 – 67
COMPASS 74 60 47

Any SAT taken after March 2016 has new scoring. Old SAT scoring would be a 430 Critical Reading and 400 Math.

Haven’t taken the National SAT or ACT?
Take our Accuplacer exam or Institutional ACT!

Accuplacer- 1st test is FREE!
Institutional ACT- $60

If you would like to schedule the Accuplacer exam or Institutional ACT, please contact our Testing Center at 229-317-6735, asutesting@asurams.edu, or visit their webpage https://www.asurams.edu/Academics/testingcenter/ for test registration.

Needed before you can register:

  1. Immunization Records
  2. Lawful Presence
  3. Parent Consent Form
  4. A Student Participation Agreement must be completed and turned in each semester

Steps to Complete

  1. Determine your academic needs and schedule availability. Before you can decide if the program is right for you, you and your parent should determine if dual-enrollment is a good option for you. You will first need to meet with your high school counselor to determine eligibility. You can meet with Elizabeth Sheffield-Hayes or Natarsha Williams to see the schedule of available courses for the semester you plan to begin, or you can also find a link to the open courses here: https://asuramspc.gabest.usg.edu/pls/B522/bwckschd.p_disp_dyn_sched. Select the appropriate term, and always be sure to select the full term courses.
    • Check here when you have discussed eligibility with your high school counselor.

    • Check here when you have discussed the program with the Dual Enrollment Coordinator or Specialist at ASU.


  2. Apply for admission to Albany State University. Download the Print Version of the Admission Application or pick up an application in the Admissions Office, on either the East or West campus. You can drop this off at our Admissions Office or scan and email it to Elizabeth Sheffield-Hayes or Natarsha Williams. A full application includes the following:
    • ASU admissions application (do not submit online application)

    • Official copies of high school transcripts (or middle school transcript showing high school credit)

    • Certificate of Immunization (See Student Health Forms for more information)

    • Official SAT, ACT, Accuplacer, or COMPASS test scores sent to the college (the college offers the Accuplacer exam and Institutional ACT; call 229-317-6735 for more information)

    • Parent Consent Form

    • Student Participation Agreement

    • Lawful Presence

For any questions about these items, please contact the Dual Enrollment Coordinator, Elizabeth Sheffield-Hayes, or the Dual Enrollment Specialist, Natarsha Williams, at Elizabeth.Sheffield@asurams.edu or Natarsha.Williams@asurams.edu.