Dual Enrollment


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Student Participation Agreement: this form must be completed each semester by the student, guardian, and high school counselor before a student can register. Once this form is filled out, a pre-registration appointment can be made with the Dual Enrollment Coordinator.

High School/Home Study Participation Agreement: this form must be completed each year by each high school and home study program and mailed to Georgia Student Finance Commission. Public and Private school students need not worry about this form, as your school should take care of this.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibit the release of or access to a student’s educational records without the consent of the student. An exception to this is allowed if the student is considered a dependent as defined by the Internal Revenue Code. The form attached must be properly filled out, notarized, and turned in to our Records Department if a parent needs access to the student’s educational records.

A paper application should only be submitted by homeschool students.

Public and Private school students must submit an online application.

Dual Enrollment students will receive required books for the approved classes they are enrolled in but they must return them by a certain date at the end of the semester or they will be charged. Please read the bookstore process to ensure your student is following proper protocol for receiving and returning books.

Bookstore Process/Release: This form must be signed each semester before receiving books, showing the student and parent has read and understood the process. If a student changes their schedule they must turn in an updated bookstore release with their updated schedule to the College Bookstore.

West Campus Student Health Center staff is not authorized to perform examinations, tests, or provide treatment to students under the age of 18 without parent/guardian consent. The consent form must be turned in to the Health Center before a student can be treated.