New Student Scheduling Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to assist in the registration process of all newly admitted freshmen who will live on campus in the residence halls. Using the information you provide, an advisor will register you for classes based on your preferences, your chosen major, and available courses. Please complete the following information two weeks prior to your new student orientation date to ensure a personalized course schedule is ready for you during orientation. If you have any specific requests, please include them in the last field.
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Do I have to complete the First Year Student Pre-Scheduling Questionnaire? Yes, if you are an incoming first-year student who plans on living on-campus. We have created a large selection of classes designed to satisfy the core curriculum requirements of the university as well as the requirements of your major.
    2. Will I be able to choose days, times, or instructors for my classes? You will state your preferences on the first year student pre-scheduling form. Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferences.
    3. Can I complete the questionnaire more than once? No, you may only submit ONE questionnaire. However, if you decide to change your major, you can talk to an advisor during New Student Orientation to make a schedule adjustment. The only adjustments made to schedules will be for changing majors. Schedule changes to accommodate personal preferences in courses or times will not be made at this time.