What account code do you use for ______________?

Please find an updated list of account codes here.

How many copies of the request for purchase do you need?

Three copies – one original and two copies – of each request for purchase must be provided in order for processing; two copies of the request for absence for travel are needed.

What is the process for setting up account numbers for grants?

We must first receive a fully executed copy of the contract for each grant. That information is then submitted to the Director of Financial Operations for set-up. Once the number is setup in the PeopleSoft system, the Director of Financial Operations submits to our office the new account number for the grant. The new account number is then given to each project director..

How much do I have to spend in my budget?

The Budget Progress/Detail Reports are sent out on a monthly basis, only after that particular month has closed.  The amount remaining/available for spending is shown at the APPROP levels for personal services, travel, operating and equipment (500000, 600000, 700000 and 800000), respectively.  All APPROP levels must be considered to evaluate the total amount available.

What happens to the requisition once approved by Budgets and Contracts?

If paper requisitions are turned in to our office instead of completed in ePro or PeopleSoft Travel Authorization, then Aramark, University vehicle and Word Processing requests are processed via the Office of Financial Operations. Travel and Request for Purchase orders are process via Business Services.