Student Accounts

Refund Policy

HigherOne Refund Disbursements

New students who complete course registration will have an easy refund debit card mailed to their local address on file. This MasterCard branded debit card is required to activate the easy refund account that is used for refund disbursements. Students can have refunds deposited onto the easy refund card or deposited into and existing checking or savings account.

Refunds are disbursed on a bi-weekly basis after the first refund disbursement in a semester. To make cash withdrawals without incurring ATM fees, use the Higher One ATM located in the lobby of the New Student Center. Remember that the Easy Refund card will only contain monies that have been deposited into the account. It is not a credit card. For more information about the Easy Refund program, visit the Higher One Easy Refund website.

To receive a refund for the current semester, the following requirements must be satisfied:
  • You must be enrolled in classes for this semester.
  • All tuition, fees and any fines must be paid on your account.
  • A credit balance must remain after all tuition, fees and fines have been paid.
  • The “Credit Balance Authorization” on the Student Authorizations page in BannerWeb must be BLANK” or answered to RESCIND.”

Withdrawal Regulations

The refund percentage that a student receives is a calculation of the time remaining in the semester up through 60% of the semester. Once 60% of the semester has expired, there is no refund for a withdrawal from the institution. The refund calculation is based on days enrolled in the semester divided by the number of calendar days in the semester including weekends and holidays, but excluding breaks of five (5) or more consecutive days.  A refund of all semester tuition and other mandatory fees is made in the event of death of a student any time during an academic semester. (BR Minutes, 1979-80, p. 61; 1986-87. pp. 24-25; 1995, 6. 246). Refunds are not made for a reduction in class load after the first day of classes.