Office of Marketing and Communications

The Office of Marketing and Communications has produced a comprehensive set of brand guidelines to provide visual cohesiveness for Albany State University’s internal and external marketing and communication efforts. The proper uses of Albany State University’s logo(s) are vital to protecting the integrity of its public image. By using the Albany State University logo(s) correctly at all times–in all applications–Albany State University continues to enhance its reputation as a premier academic institution.

It is essential to adhere to branding elements when preparing printed materials, developing electronic media and creating other forms of promotional materials. The rules in this manual will help you understand the visual and editorial standards that best promote the Albany State University brand.

The Albany State University logo, and ASU Athletics’ Golden Ram are the property of Albany State University. Merchants must be licensed before using the Albany State University logo on any apparel, gifts, promotional items, etc.

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Pearlie Bowser
Administrative Assistant
(229) 317-6958
Rachel Brown
Social Media and
Marketing Specialist
(229) 317-6959
Reginald Christian
(229) 317-6505
Danyelle Gary
Public Relations Specialist
(229) 317-6506
Sandy Peacock
Graphic Designer
(229) 317-6509