Office of Title III Program

2012-2017 HBCU Title III SAFRA Activities

2012-2017 Title III Student Aid Fiscal Responsibility Act (SAFRA) Activities

It is well known that students learn best through hands-on, relevant activities, such as projects. This activity will provide students majoring in Nursing, Fine Art (Music & Art), Social Work, Business Administration, Psychology, and Education the opportunity to have hands-on experience working with children, ages 2-4 year olds at the Albany State University Early Learning Center, in their respective fields, conduct research in early childhood behavior and development, and gain knowledge in the operation of a childcare center.

This activity addresses the strategic initiative to provide innovative educational programs and services to meet the needs of the University’s diverse student population (Goal 1: Strategy 1). The Center for Undergraduate Research at Albany State University will promote a wide variety of undergraduate research, scholarship and creative activities that support and enhance student learning, engage students and faculty mentors in the complete research process.

Albany State University Summer Foreign Language Institute provides an intensive college-level training in French, Spanish, and Arabic (other languages may be added as the program grows) offered as a two-course elementary sequence over an eight week period. This activity will tie language and culture directly to major fields of study. Generally, knowledge of more than one language and familiarity with more than one culture is critical in the world of the twenty-first century student in every field.

Access to lower division education is broadly available throughout the state at both four year and two-year institutions. ASU has extensive and expanding collaborations with other institutions of higher learning in forms of articulation agreements for transfer students into our undergraduate programs. Through this grant, ASU seeks to strengthen these collaborations and increase the number of students who transfer and graduate from Albany State by increasing recruitment efforts, providing advisement, tracking student progress from the AA degree to the BA/BS degree.

The goal of this Title III funding request is to develop strong and confident online faculty and develop a strong general education core of online classes and online programs for undergraduate education.