1. The Office of Human Resources initiates the Online Electronic Clearance process after receiving a notification of a departure/separation from the University.
  2. Once the Office of Human Resources initiates the first step, the system is set-up to automatically send email notifications to departmental representatives within the areas listed below so they can access and approve the clearance of an employee:
  • Supervisors and Approvers are required to retrieve the attached instructions for guidance.  A designee from each department is responsible for approving and clearing an employee within the new system.  The link to the new system is:

a. Parking Citations:  Any parking citations owed must be paid by the last day of employment.

b. RAM Card Return:  RAM ID Card must be returned upon ending employment.

c. Library:  All library books and fees are due by the last day of employment.  The value of books checked along with any fines are added to the total amount due by the last day of employment.

d. Key Control: Keys must be submitted to Facilities Management or your department.

e. Purchasing:  AMEX and Visa Purchasing Cards must be returned to the Purchasing Office.

f. Fuel Card: Pin number is deactivated upon termination.

The Departing Employee must:

  1. Report to the Office of Human Resources to pick up the final Exit/Clearance packet.  This packet will contain important information regarding retaining health benefits and retirement rollover or refund.
  2. Return all keys to the Facilities Management Department.
  3. Pay any outstanding balances.

If you are terminating employment from the Institution, it is imperative that all University property is returned and all fines are paid before your last day of employment.  Otherwise, that amount may be deducted from your last paycheck or vacation payout.  Vacation Payout is only paid to eligible employees in the last official paycheck of a terminating employee.

If you are a Supervisor or an Approver and you encounter any problems with the new link, please contact Mr. Phillip Davis with the ITS Help Desk.

If you have any additional questions about this new process, please contact Mrs. Sheila Florence, Benefits Coordinator, or any member of the HR Team at (229) 430-4623.