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General Questions

What do I need to do to change my name and/or address?

Faculty, staff and retirees are asked to use the HRMS Self-Service site located on our Homepage to update their address or to make a name change.

Where are the Tuition Remission Forms located?

Forms for Tuition Remission are located in Human Resources Management, and are available for download on the web.

What is the deadline date for the Tuition Remission Forms?

Financial Operations can be contacted about the date, but usually the forms are due 30 days before registration.

What jobs do we have open?

For available job vacancies, please visit the Human Resources website.

What are the requirements for applying for job vacancies?

The credentials that are requested include resume, application, three current letters of work-related reference and an official transcript from any college or technical school attended.

Who handles payroll issues?

Keawanna Crawford

Who handles benefits issues?

Sheila Florence and Karen Clay

Who handles recruitment and advertisements?

Wynell Wilson

Can sick leave be used for an illness or death of a grandparent?

Sick leave for only immediate family (spouse, children, step-children, etc.) can be approved.

Can employees pick up payroll checks prior to the distribution date and time?

Human Resources Management will not be able to allow employees to pick up payroll checks early. Employees are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit in order to circumvent any situations whereas they will need to get their checks early.

Can students deliver, pick up, or mail payroll checks?

Students are not allowed to handle any payroll checks for departments.

Payroll Questions

Should requests to fill temporary positions go through the critical hire process? Additionally, are grants (sponsored funded positions), full/part-time, for students and staff positions excluded from this process too?

All positions for hire should go through the critical hiring process with the exception of sponsored funds positions. All others are paid through the state and should have prior approval via the critical hiring process.

If my timesheet was submitted late, will I still get my paycheck on time?

Human Resources Management has established critical deadlines for time sheets.  It is imperative that employees submit time sheets in a timely manner to avoid any delays in receiving your payroll check.

When are time-sheets due for non-exempt employees and student assistants?

Time-sheets are due on each Friday before the scheduled check issuance date by 9 AM, or as requested.

When are work-study time-sheets due?

The work-study schedule is prepared during the Fall semester, and will give submission reference dates of time-sheets.

What can I do as a student to ensure that I get a payroll check?

Please make sure you have completed the necessary paperwork in Human Resources Management on schedule, your timesheet has been submitted to Human Resources Management, and that you and your supervisor have signed your time sheet.

Who is eligible for direct deposit?

All employees are eligible for direct deposit and are encouraged to participate.  Students are not eligible to enroll in direct deposit through the DoCo Credit Union.

When and where are payroll checks issued?

Payroll checks are issued according to payroll schedules which are available in the Human Resources Management office and via our website.  Checks are issued from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM at the ticket window on the first floor of the Billy C. Black Building.

What happens if my payroll check is lost or stolen?

If your check is lost or stolen, please submit a letter to Human Resources Management requesting a stop payment.  After the form is received, the bank for the University is informed of the stop payment; after which, if the check has not cleared the bank, it takes approximately 3 working days for another check to be processed.

How do I know if the tax deductions are correct? How do I make changes in my Federal and State deductions?

The amount of taxes deducted from your payroll check is printed on your payroll stub each pay period. If changes need to be made, forms can be completed in Human Resources Management or via our website. Generally, the number of allowances you claim and your filing status determine your deduction amount. Please remember that we are not tax practitioners, but we will be happy to assist you in any way.

If I’m absent when time-sheets are due, how will I get paid?

Make sure someone in your department completes and submits a time-sheet for you, along with the supervisor’s signature, on the scheduled date and time, or we will be happy to receive your time sheet in advance.

Where should I request a timesheet if I do not receive one or if mine is lost?

Time-sheets are available in Human Resources Management.

What do I need to do to enroll in direct deposit?

You will need to complete the direct deposit form, attach a voided check/savings deposit slip, and submit to Human Resources Management.

How will I know that my direct deposit has started?

Before your direct deposit begins, you will receive a pre-notification memo with your account information.  You will need to verify the accuracy of the data.  When your direct deposit begins, your pay will be deposited in your account(s) with your bank(s) and you will receive advice from Human Resources Management.

How often do students need to complete paperwork?

All students are required to submit new paperwork each Fall Semester.

Who should I contact if I think my check is incorrect?

If you have questions about your paycheck, you may contact Human Resources Management at (229) 430-4617 or (229) 430-4629.

Can someone else pick up my payroll check for me?

An authorized representative for you will be able to pick up your check. We request your written authorization, which should provide documentation to our office with the name of the person who has permission to receive your check and the issuance date of the check.  The person must have a picture ID with them when the check is picked up.

If I request information from the payroll department such as a copy of a check stub or W2, how soon can I expect to receive the requested information?

All requested information is available within 2 business days of your request.

What are some reasons that I might not have a paycheck on payday?

Reasons that will delay your not receiving a paycheck on payday include no timesheet received in Human Resources Management, no approval for you to work, no work-study contract received, and/or not reporting for orientation.

Benefits Questions

What do I need to do in the event of the death of my spouse or dependent? What does my family need to do in the event of my death?

Please submit an official death claim.  You or the family will be contacted for personal information about the beneficiaries.

What can I do to get another insurance card?

Please make the request to Human Resources Management.  Our office will contact a Blue Cross Blue Shield representative and make a request to re-order another card.  You can contact Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) directly at 1-800-424-8950 and request that another card is mailed to you as well.

What do I need to do to drop/add a dependent because of death, divorce, marriage, marriage of a dependent, attainment of maximum age, or because my spouse loses coverage because of loss of employment?

Please come to the Office of Human Resources Management and complete a drop/add form with necessary supportive documents.  If reason is other than the ones listed, you will have to wait until open enrollment, which is usually mid-October through mid-November.

What do I need to do to get my retirement process started?

Please come to the Office of Human Resources Management to pick up and complete a TRS8 form or contact the Teacher’s Retirement System of Georgia.

Where do I get information to provide BCBS to show verification that my dependent is a full time student?

Verification can be received from the Registrar’s office of the school that your child is attending.

What is the number to Blue Cross Blue Shield?

The number is 1-800-424-8950.

What do I need to do to change my beneficiaries on my life insurance and teacher retirement?

To change your beneficiaries on life insurance and teacher’s retirement coverage, please come to the Office of Human Resources Management and complete a card/form to change beneficiaries.

What is the number to Medco? I want to find out if certain a medication is on the preferred list of drugs.

The number to Medco is 1-877-300-5139.

How much am I paying for Health insurance and what plan type did I enroll?

Human Resources Management will verify the information in our system and then provide the information to the employee.  There are only two plans at Albany State University, PPO and Indemnity.  There are different rates for employee only, employee plus one, and family.

When can I change my health plan or get more life insurance?

Open Enrollment is the designated time that employees can make health and life insurance changes.

Who is our life insurance carrier?

CIGNA Life is our life insurance carrier.

What holidays are available and how many do we get per year?

You may pick up a schedule from Human Resources Management or retrieve this information from our website.  Eligible employees receive 12 paid holidays per year.

Can we borrow from our retirement plan with Teacher’s Retirement?

Employees cannot borrow from their Teacher’s Retirement plan.  Please contact the Teacher’s Retirement System of Georgia at 1-800-352-0650 (within Georgia) for additional information.

Does Albany State have a disability plan?

There is one short-term disability plan that has been approved for ASU employees and is provided by the Professional Insurance Corporation.

How many days can I be out before I need a doctor’s excuse?

A doctor’s excuse is needed for an employee to return to work after that employee has been absent for five consecutive working days.

How many vacation days or hours can I carry over into the next year?

Employees can carry over only 45 days, or 360 hours of vacation, into the new calendar year.

Do we get paid for our sick leave if we terminate with Albany State University?

Sick leave balance hours will be converted to days and applied to your retirement with the Teacher’s Retirement System.

How may I determine if a certain physician is on the physician’s list of approved doctors within the network?

This information is located on the website, or a visit may be paid to the Office of Human Resources Management to be provided a listing of the participating physicians.

How long does an employee have to be employed before annual leave increases?

1 to 5 years – 10 hours of vacation accrued

6 to 10 years – 12 hours of vacation accrued

Over 10 years – 14 hours of vacation accrued

When is leave posted to a monthly employee’s leave balance?

Leave is posted at the end of each month.  The accrual amount of the previous month is shown on the following month’s paycheck.

When an employee goes on sick leave for a long period of time, should a leave application be submitted by the supervisor or administrative assistant in their absence or should he/she wait until they return and submit a leave report all at once for the time they were out?

If the employee knows or has an idea as to how long he or she will be on leave, the employee can complete a leave application beforehand. If not, then a leave application should be submitted by the supervisor or of someone in charge on a weekly basis. The employee also needs to complete and return the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) forms before the employee is on leave.  A Physician’s Certification form will also need to be completed. Once the employee returns, he/she will have to submit a physician’s statement covering them for the actual time they were absent.

If I am out sick and do not have enough sick leave, can I use annual leave, if it is available?

Annual leave can be utilized when an employee’s sick leave balance has been exhausted.

If I take more annual leave that I have accumulated, can I use sick leave?

Sick leave can not be utilized when the vacation balance has been exhausted, unless there is a continuous and physician-certified illness.