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Academic Advising Policies

Academic Advising

Darton College recognizes the importance of a thorough program of academic advising. While it is ultimately the responsibility of the students to select and follow a program of study which will lead to their academic objectives, the College provides a structure of academic advising to assist students.

After being admitted to the College, students are mailed a notice with their advisor's name, office phone number, email address, and office location. Students can also look up advisor assignments on the Student Directory at any time. Faculty e-mail addresses are available on the Faculty & Staff Directory. Students who need assistance contacting their advisor should contact the Division Secretary (see listing below) in their Major area of study.

All students must contact their advisor and complete an advising release form prior to completing online registration. Students requiring Learning Support and students with undecided majors must contact their advisor for registration and may not register online.

Students receiving Financial Aid should be aware of the College's Standards of Progress policy and should discuss this issue with their advisor before enrolling in distance learning courses. Student withdrawal rates for Online Courses and Telecourses are higher than those for on-campus classes and withdrawing from too many classes may negatively impact financial aid eligibility. To continue to receive financial aid the student must make satisfactory academic progress in the declared program of study. Satisfactory academic progress is defined by three components: 1) the student must maintain the required minimum grade point average, 2) the student must successfully complete at least 66.6% of program courses attempted in the semester, 3) (data unavailable at this current time). For questions concerning financial aid, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Currently enrolled, eligible students may register online each semester anytime from the early registration date until the close of Late Registration. Online registration is completed through the BANNER Web Registration System. The BANNER FAQs web pages provide instructions for using the BANNER system.

Academic advising is coordinated by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Students are assigned to a division or department for advising according to their stated program of study. They are then re-assigned to the most appropriate faculty member within that division who will assist them in planning their program of study each semester. Students who are undecided as to major or Learning Support students are assigned specially designated faculty. Students will be mailed a notice with their advisors name, office phone number, e-mail address and location. Students may change advisors for personal or academic reasons by consultation with the chairperson of their major division.

Students who desire to change their program of study should discuss their intentions with their academic advisors. The Registrar must approve all changes in program of study. To facilitate the change, students should complete a Change of Major Form.

Division Offices

Business Division
Division Administrative Assistant
Carol Taylor
Building I, Room 133
(229) 317-6800
Health Sciences Division
Division Sr. Administrative Assistant
Gwendolyn Barker
Building J, Room 210
(229) 317-6511
Humanities Division
Division Administrative Assistant
Christina Cooper
Building F, Room 101C
(229) 317-6554
Nursing Division
Division Administrative Assistant
Sherry Koster
Building I, Room 237
(229) 317-6820
Science & Math Division
Division Administrative Assistant
Wanda Laster
Building B, Room 112A
(229) 317-6559
Social Science Division
Division Administrative Assistant
Carol Taylor
Building I, Room 133
(229) 317-6800

Academic Affairs