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Academic Advising

Recent Updates

Online PE

As of March 2016, the Darton policy that once kept online physical education courses available only to fully online students has been removed. Students may now enroll in these online classes (such as Fitness 1 and II online) regardless of fully or partially online status.

Physical Education Requirements

Some courses have been eliminated from the two-hour competency requirement. To satisfy the fitness competency requirement for graduation, students must choose one of the following: PHED 1105 (Strength Training), PHED 1161 (Fitness I), PHED 1106 (Walk, Jog, and Run for Fitness), or PHED 1139 (Fitness Swimming). The eliminated courses will still count as one of a student’s two other required activity courses, however. Contact David Mann at 6914 if you have questions.

Critical Thinking Overlay

Effective March 9, 2016, the Board of Regents eliminated the overlay requirements in U.S. perspectives, Global Perspectives, and Critical Thinking. This change was made to facilitate degree completion in the USG. Therefore, students are no longer required to take COMM 1000, COMM 1100, or COMM 1110 in order to satisfy the Critical Thinking Overlay. However, continue to recommend these classes to your advisees. Employers have stated that good communication skills are among the top qualities they look for when hiring employees.

College Preparatory Curriculum (CPC) Deficiencies

Check each student’s academic history to see if he or she has any college preparatory deficiencies. CPC deficiencies must still be completed within the first 18 hours of college work. Beginning with incoming students for Fall 2015, CPC deficiencies can be counted toward graduation. This does not apply to students who were enrolled prior to Fall 2015.

Academic Renewal

Talk with your readmitted students about academic renewal. Students must have had a three-year absence from Darton to be eligible. The required period of absence was formerly five years. Check the current catalog for other requirements for eligibility.

Cancer Registry Management

The Associate of Science in Cancer Registry Management has been deactivated effective May 1, 2016. The program is not accepting any new students. The program will be inactive for a period of up to two years during which academic viability will be examined.