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Faculty Senate

File Photo of Faculty Senate MembersIn order to promote shared governance, the senate provides for the faculty both a forum and a voice to present its viewpoint and principles in support of the mission of Darton State College. This voice involves participation and input into the decision making process, which includes seeking input from constituent groups through open and timely communication before final decisions are reached. A decision-making process based on open communication, diverse involvement, mutual respect, and collective deliberation enhances the interests of the college as a whole.

File photo of SenateShared governance is the responsibility of the senate, the faculty as a whole, professional staff, students, and the administration. Shared governance allows the faculty, staff, and students to have an opportunity to participate in the decision-making and policy planning processes appropriately. Thus, the key to shared governance is broad and continuous communication among all stakeholders. The senate serves as a tool for promoting communication and engagement among faculty and other constituent groups at the college.

The senate serves as the main channel of communication between faculty members and the administration of the college. Accordingly, the senate has the responsibility to review and make recommendations regarding policies that affect the faculty. Similarly, the senate is responsible for eliciting and representing the opinions, suggestions, and recommendations of the faculty as a whole on matters of concern to the faculty. The senate also responds to concerns and questions from faculty members.

Wide angle photo of Senate Meeting

To further promote the goal of shared governance, the senate also serves as an advisory body concerning matters related to the academic mission of the college and student success. The senate may make recommendations on numerous issues related to student success including but not limited to admissions, advisement, dismissal, conduct, scholarship, classes, courses of study, degree offerings, requirements for graduation, and student activities. In an effort to promote collaboration and the open flow of information, the senate may discuss and take a position on matters of college concern and may make recommendations on these matters, either directly or through its committees.

As a key partner in college governance, the senate has advisory responsibility for:

  1. General academic policies of the college;
  2. File Photo of Faculty Senate Members listening to Senate ChairEstablishment of standing, ad hoc, and special committees;
  3. Policies regarding faculty promotion and tenure;
  4. Institutional planning and priorities;
  5. College policies and practices regarding student success including retention and graduation;
  6. Policies and procedures related to faculty development;
  7. Revisions and maintenance of the Faculty Handbook.

The senate creates and maintains senate standing, senate special, and senate ad hoc committees to assist in its deliberations. Such committees are responsible to the senate, and their recommendations on matters of policy become effective only after receiving endorsement by the senate.

File photo of Senate Officers
From Left to Right:
Jeremiah Pitts (Chair), Teresa Eberhardt (Secretary-Elect),
Victoria Smith-Butler (Secretary), Tracy Suber (Senator-At-Large), & Jeff Kluball (Chair-Elect)

Senators By Division

Humanities (5)

  • Larry Anderson
  • Victoria Smith-Butler - Chair-Elect
  • Ulf Kirchdorfer
  • Elizabeth Delancy
  • Tina Burney

Business/Social Science (5)

  • Ted Butler
  • Carol Ann Ham - Secretary-Elect
  • Sarah Kuck
  • Corrine Sweet
  • Jim Yates

Physical Education (1)

  • David Mann

Nursing (5)

  • Latrona Lanier
  • Cherie Reece
  • Debbie Richardson
  • Tracy Suber - Senator-At-Large
  • Sandra Vargovich

Math & Science (4)

  • Mike May
  • Rich Foreman
  • Jennifer Strickland
  • Jeff Swords

Library (1)

  • Carol Nemajovksy

Learning Support (2)

  • Jeremiah Pitts - Chair
  • Teresa Eberhardt - Secretary

Health Sciences (4)

  • Nancy Beamon
  • Sarah Brinson

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