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Emergency Procedures

Classroom Emergencies

Anyone observing emergencies during the day should contact the division chair or the Dean of Students or the on-duty security officer.

In the event of a fire alarm (a loud, raucous intermittent noise), instructors should evacuate the building. Diagrams of fire evacuation routes are posted in the halls of every building. Each faculty member should know the evacuation route from every classroom in which he or she teaches.

When the school is under a tornado watch, the message will be delivered to each instructor in the classroom. In the event of a tornado warning (a bell that rings for at least three minutes), instructors should lead their classes to approved areas of the building. Diagrams of relatively safe areas are posted in the halls of all buildings. Each faculty member should know the safe areas nearest each classroom in which he or she teaches.

An instructor who observes an emergency should report immediately to the division chair, Dean of Students, or security officer (cell phone: 347-5852). If this cannot be done in a timely fashion, the instructor should call Emergency Services (911).

Evening Emergencies

Instructors who do not have ready access to telephones can reach the Evening Supervisor or on-duty security officer by asking for assistance at the following sites:

  1. The Evening Operations Center in A198 (317-6944),
  2. Any of the Learning Support labs on the second floor of the McKnight Building (6879, 6880, 6881), or
  3. The library (6766).