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Vision Statement

Darton State College will create a more educated community, well prepared for a global, technological society, by providing first-rate undergraduate education and committed public service.

Mission Statement (effective May 2011)

Darton, a state college within the University System of Georgia, is focused on providing a wide diversity of constituents access to certificate, associate, and select baccalaureate programs of study. Dedicated to serving as an access institution, our College will empower students by engaging them in a student-centered, caring and technically advanced environment through innovative delivery systems. Darton is committed to providing exemplary teaching to students in our community, region, and state. As a multi-campus, residential institution, the College pursues traditional and unique mechanisms to deliver education to its richly diverse student body. In service to the community Darton State College will offer cultural enrichment experiences, continuing education, and economic development programs.

Darton State College will Identify and Implement changes to:

  1. Improve the academic, personal, and professional success of all students.
  2. Expand baccalaureate programs and baccalaureate program participation.
  3. Expand online programs and online program participation.
  4. Enhance and expand physical facilities and technological infrastructure.
  5. Improve the efficient use of physical, financial, and human resources.
  6. Improve student preparation prior to admission and improve student success after graduation.


A. Commitment to Excellence in Student Learning

Darton State College will:

  1. Offer associate degree programs that include general education and program-specific learning outcomes to prepare students for successful transfer to baccalaureate programs.
  2. Offer career-oriented associate degree and certificate programs that prepare students for entry into the workforce.
  3. Offer select baccalaureate degree programs.
  4. Offer first-year experience, learning support, and English for speakers of other languages courses to ensure success for all students.
  5. Offer extra academic support via peer tutoring as well as professionally-staffed reading, writing, math, and foreign language labs and centers.
  6. Offer students at a distance classes, programs, and support that are equal to those offered on campus.

B. Commitment to the Complete College Experience

Darton State College will:

  1. Promote student participation in and appreciation of the fine arts.
  2. Promote student health via wellness programs and facilities as well as competitive athletics.
  3. Promote student involvement via student government, clubs, and campus-wide events.
  4. Promote a global perspective via curricular and extracurricular activities.
  5. Promote the residential experience via campus-based living and dining facilities.
  6. Offer students at a distance comparable opportunities to obtain the complete college experience.

C. Commitment to Excellence in Service to the College Community

Darton State College will:

  1. Provide excellent service in admissions, financial aid, business and financial services, records and registration, the testing center, administration offices, and academic division offices.
  2. Provide campus facilities that are safe, clean, well-maintained, and environmentally friendly.
  3. Provide state-of-the-art equipment and technology both in the classroom and campus-wide.
  4. Provide access to library and other learning resources and support in using those resources.
  5. Provide support services for minority students, military students, and students with disabilities.
  6. Provide advising services for program selection, career planning, and job placement.
  7. Provide academic and personal counseling and assistance to achieve student success from admission to graduation.
  8. Provide students at a distance services comparable to those provided to campus students.

D. Commitment to Professional Development

Darton State College will:

  1. Encourage professional development for all faculty and staff via scheduled development days and ad-hoc opportunities.
  2. Encourage all faculty and staff to pursue academic development, including higher-level degrees.
  3. Encourage all faculty and staff to participate in local, state, regional, and national events and conferences whenever possible.
  4. Encourage all faculty and staff to pursue professional development via grant opportunities.
  5. Ensure faculty and staff at a distance have comparable opportunities for professional development.

E. Commitment to the Needs of Southwest Georgia

Darton State College will:

  1. Offer continuing educational and economic development opportunities to all members of its community.
  2. Promote student, faculty, and staff community involvement via curricular and extracurricular activities.
  3. Obtain professional community input via advisory committees for career-oriented programs.
  4. Collaborate with other area institutions, organizations, and businesses to ensure the best use of resources to meet community needs.
  5. Promote high-quality child care via Child Care Resource & Referral of Southwest Georgia.

F. Commitment to Ongoing Assessment and Improvement

Darton State College will:

  1. Provide students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders with opportunities to provide feedback on college operations.
  2. Provide internal and external stakeholders with research-based regular and ad-hoc reports on college operations.
  3. Provide policies, procedures, and systems to facilitate an ongoing process of self-evaluation and improvement.