Albany State University, a historically black institution in Southwest Georgia, has been a catalyst for change in the region since its inception as the Albany Bible and Manual Training Institute. Founded in 1903 to educate African-American youth, the University proudly continues to fulfill its historic mission while serving the educational needs of an increasingly diverse student population. A progressive institution, Albany State University, seeks to foster the growth and development of the region, state, and nation through teaching, research, creative expression and public service. Through its collaborative efforts, the University responds to the needs of all its constituents and offers educational programs and services to improve the quality of life in Southwest Georgia.

The primary mission of Albany State University (ASU) is to educate students to become outstanding contributors to society. Offering Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Education Specialist degrees and a variety of non-degree educational programs, the University emphasizes the liberal arts as the foundation for all learning.  Students are exposed to the humanities, fine arts, social sciences and the natural sciences. Global learning is fostered through a broad-based curriculum, diverse ASU activities, and extensive use of technology. A leader in teacher education, nursing, criminal justice, business, public administration and the sciences, Albany State provides a comprehensive educational experience with quality instruction as the hallmark of all its academic programs. The University embraces the concept of “students first” as a core institutional value.  ASU is an advocate for the total development of students, especially the under served.  At this institution, a wholesome academic environment exists where students can study, learn, and develop.  Each student’s skills and abilities are cultivated through their interaction with fellow students, faculty, staff, administrators, visiting scholars and community leaders.

Consistent with the core mission of the University System of Georgia, Albany State University exhibits the following characteristics:

  • A supportive campus climate with services, leadership, and development opportunities to educate the person and meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff

  • A culturally, ethnically, racially, and gender diverse faculty, staff and student body, supported by practices and programs that embody the ideals of an open, democratic, and global society

  • Technology to advance educational purposes, such as instructional technology, student support services, and distance education

  • Collaborative relationships with other University System institutions, state agencies, local schools, technical institutes, businesses, and industry in which physical, human, information, and other resources to expand and enhance programs and services to the citizens of Georgia are shared

With other state universities in the University System of Georgia, Albany State University shares:

  • A commitment to excellence and responsiveness within a scope of influence defined by the needs of an area of the state, and by particularly outstanding programs or distinctive characteristics that have a magnet effect throughout the region or state

  • A commitment to a teaching/learning environment, both inside and outside of the classroom, that sustains instructional excellence, serves a diverse and college-prepared student body, promotes high levels of student achievement, offers academic help, and provides developmental studies programs for a limited student cohort

  • A high quality general education program supporting a variety of disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and professional academic programming at the baccalaureate level, with selected Master’s and Education Specialist degrees, and selected Associate degree programs based on area need and/or inter-institutional collaborations

  • A commitment to public service, continuing education, technical assistance, and economic development activities that address the needs, improve the quality of life, and raise the educational level within the University’s scope of influence

  • A commitment to scholarly and creative work to enhance instructional effectiveness and to encourage faculty scholarly pursuits

  • A commitment to applied research in selected areas of institutional strength and area need

While Albany State University shares much in common with other state universities, it is dedicated to preparing leaders for under served populations and is committed to the following distinctive purposes:

  • Providing quality educational experiences for under-served populations in the region, state and nation

  • Promoting and preserving the historical and culturally distinctive traditions which define African-American culture

  • Offering a comprehensive array of programs in health care services, community development, human disabilities, cultural enhancement, business and economic development, international trade and entrepreneurship

  • Graduating marketable students, not only through technologically advanced academic programs, but also through undergraduate research, studies abroad, internships, service learning and developmental pre-professional experiences

  • Improving the quality of life of African-American males via the educational, research, intervention and service programs coordinated through the Center for the African-American Male (CAAM)