Career Assessments

Career assessments are available to current students when determined to be appropriate by staff. These will help you to identify a possible academic major as well as a career area that might relate to your values, interest, skills and abilities. The instruments that we use include the Career Majors Scorecard and SIGI3.

Assessments CAN

  • Help you consider things about yourself such as your interests, skills, and values
  • Suggest occupations and majors to explore
  • Provide a framework for meaningful conversations with your career or academic advisor

Assessments CANNOT

  • Come up with your perfect, best-fit career or major.  Only you can do that, through a variety of experiences

SIGI3 Online Assessment

SIGI3 assesses your personality type and incorporates it into personalized reports that offer insight into the following topics: career choices; job readiness, interpersonal skills, and learning styles. Create an account and complete this assessment online. After you have completed your assessment, call our office and schedule an appointment with a career advisor to review your results.

Take SIGI3

Career Majors Scorecard

Career Majors Scorecard is another free assessment for currently enrolled students.  This is a paper format and can be taken in our office or in a group setting.  Strong Interest Inventory® (SII) matches your interests with the interests of people who have been in career fields at least three years and are happy with their work. It takes about 30 minutes to complete this 317-item inventory and results are discussed with a career counselor.

When deciding upon a major, there are four steps students can take to make an educated decision.

Plan of Action:

  • Meet with your Career Advisor
  • Complete a career assessment (online or in our office)
  • Develop your Four Year Career Plan with your career advisor
  • Create a RAMlink account to begin exploring careers available
  • Register to participate in Career Services University (for freshman and sophomores)
  • Sign up to participate in the Student-Alumni Mentoring Program 
  • Utilize our Career Services Library
  • Participate in Career Service Workshops