Albany State University Center for Undergraduate Research is pleased to announce the Fall 2015 Undergraduate Research Awards. These awards are made possible Title III Grant nbr P031B100041. The purpose of these awards is to encourage and recognize the participation of undergraduate students in research endeavors. These awards will allow students to focus more attention and time to research. Students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply. Funding is available for Fall 2015 semester for up to $1000. For a group of two or more students per project the award amount will be evenly divided. Award recipients are expected to present at the Albany State University 4th Regional Undergraduate Research Symposium in October 29, 2015. Please check with your financial aid advisor to see if this award will affect your financial aid package.

All student researchers and faculty mentors must complete the CITI training and provide a copy of your certificate with your application package. The training can be found at the following link: Student researchers should complete the required modules located under Undergraduate Student Research. Faculty mentors should complete the required modules located under RCR for undergraduate research mentors. For further assistance with the CITI training modules please contact Mrs. Melisa Widner at or 229-430-7040.

Application Deadline: April 17, 2015

Please upload your application to the following link:

In addition, submit a hard copy of the application by Friday April 17, 2015 to the Center for Undergraduate Research located in Wiley Hall 215.


Matriculated ASU undergraduate students from any program and discipline are eligible to apply. Students must be pursuing a research project under the guidance of a faculty mentor. GPA requirements 2.5 or higher. Students who are currently receiving funding from another undergraduate research program such as MBRS-RISE or MARC are not eligible to apply for project funding through this program.

Application Requirements

Complete applications must include the following documents in this order:

1) Fall 2015 – Spring 2016 Undergraduate Research Awards Application Cover Sheet

, signed by you and your mentor.

2) Fall 2015-Spring 2016 Award Certificate of Understanding

3) Personal Statement (no more than 1 page, double-spaced, 12-point font)

  1. Discuss your motivation for getting involved or starting the research project and how this work contributes to your education and to the development of your future plans.
  2. Describe your previous training and experience (course work, creative activity, laboratory experience, volunteer and community service experience, work and life experiences) that have prepared you to successfully complete this project.

4) Research Proposal using the following guidelines:

Writing a research proposal will help you clarify your project and will give you valuable experience for any proposal writing you may do beyond Albany State University. All proposals submitted to the Undergraduate Research Program are read and scored by a selection committee made up of faculty from each of the schools on campus. Someone in your school will read your proposal, but faculty members who are not familiar with your discipline will also read it. For this reason, a successful proposal should be written in such a way that an intelligent reader who is not familiar with your field could still understand the research question you are proposing and the significance of this research in a larger context.

Proposal Contents

The effectiveness of your proposal will depend on your ability to explain the nature, context and scope of the project. The selection committee will also be looking for an indication that your project will be more than just a learning experience-what does it contribute to your field that we do not already know? Your proposal should include the following information:

  • Abstract: A summary of your research question and your project design. Researchers typically write the abstract after they have finished writing the rest of the proposal. Include it as the first section on the first page of your proposal.
  • Research Question and Significance: What is the question that you want to explore in your research and why is it an interesting and important question? In thinking about the significance, try to take the position of an average newspaper reader. What is the background for this problem? What work has already been done? If she or he were to see an article about your research in the paper, how would you explain why this is an interesting project? Discuss any background research you may have already done.
  • Project Design and Feasibility: How will you go about exploring your research question? What will be your methods and timetable? What is your research plan?
  • Presentation and Evaluation: What form will your final report take? Who will evaluate your project and according to what criteria?
  • Dissemination of Knowledge: How will you share the results of your project? Will you participate in a conference, write a paper with your advisor or other students, or participate in a poster session.

Proposal Format

Your proposal may be up to three pages in length. Put your abstract at the top of page one. Print single sided sheets only (double sided copies will not duplicate and the committee will not receive your full proposal). We recommend at least a 12-point, serif font (such as Times or Palatino), justified left (right ragged).

Remember to spell check! You are asking for money and your proposal should be a reflection of your commitment to the project.

Review a Draft

You are highly encouraged to work closely with your faculty advisor on your proposal at least once prior to submitting your undergraduate research proposal to review a draft.

For any questions or concerns please contact: Vanessa McRae, Program Director, or 229-430-1914.