During the Fall 2013 Faculty/Staff conference, emphasis was placed upon faculty tracking student attendance, providing reliable mid-term grades, and revising student engagement opportunities.

To track student attendance, faculty will maintain attendance in the course gradebook to be submitted to the Department Chair at the end of each semester. Additionally, when Desire2Learn (D2L) is implemented at Albany State University (ASU) in the spring of 2014, faculty will be able to track attendance within their courses and immediately contact students who are not attending to remind them to return to classes. The academic advisors of these students will be notified and will discuss with the students in subsequent advisement sessions the issues of attendance and/or academic success and available resources for the students.

To facilitate attendance verification in Banner, the Registrar reviewed the online verification process at the Fall 2013 faculty/staff conference.

To address grade deficiencies, it was identified that mid-term grades for online A and B term courses were not being provided by all faculty and that the grades were not disaggregated to exclude grades for the graduate courses within the report submitted.

To resolve failure to report mid-term grades, the Dean of each College will require faculty to enter mid-term grades for all courses that accurately reflect student progress.

Deans and Chairs will contact non-attending students to discuss reasons for absence and plans to attend. Deans will maintain data on faculty contacts of students. In addition, the Office of Academic Services and Registrar will post notices to faculty prior to the mid-term grade due date and will notify Deans of any faculty members who have not posted mid-term grades for submission as well as discuss why grades were not posted as required. The Deans’ Council will develop strategies to alleviate non-attendance based on collected student and faculty input. Courses with the highest failure rates will be disaggregated and faculty in those departments will develop strategies to enhance teaching and learning of the content. These strategies will be reported and tracked in the annual action plans developed under ASU’s Academic Review Process.

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