From Highway 75 North:

Take the Us-82 exit- exit number 62- toward US- 319/Tifton/Moultrie. Turn left onto US-82 W/GA-520 W/Corridor Z. Continue to Follow US-82 W. Turn right onto ramp. Merge onto US-19 BR N/US- 82 BR W/GA-62 W. Turn right onto Radium Springs Road.

From Highway 75 South:

Merge onto GA-300 S/ Georgia Florida PKWY. Stay Straight to go onto GA-62 W/Cordele RD. Continue to follow GA-62 W. Turn left onto Radium Springs Road.

From US-319:

Turn right onto US-319 BR/ E Jackson St./GA-35 BR. Continue to follow US-319 BR/GA-35 BR. Turn left onto US-19 N./US-84 W/GA-3 N. Continue to follow US-19 N. Merge onto GA-133 N. toward Albany. Turn right onto GA 133/Radium Springs RD/Billy Langdale PKWY. Turn left onto University Drive.

From GA-45/GA-520:

Continue to follow GA-520 E. Stay straight to go onto ramp. Merge onto US-82 E. US-82 E becomes US-19 S/GA-3 S. Take the US-82 W/US-19-BR N/Oglethorpe BLVD./GA-520-BR W ramp toward downtown. Merge onto US-19 BR N/US-82 W/GA-62 W. Turn right onto Radium Springs Road

From Local Airport

Turn left onto Newton Rd/GA-62/GA-91. Continue to follow Newton Rd./GA-91. Turn right onto GA-234/W Oakridge Dr. Turn left onto GA-133/Radium Springs Rd/Billy Langdale PKWY. Turn right onto University Drive.