Darton State College Catalog 2013 - 2014 - page 113

Health Science Division
The Associate Degree in Cancer Registry Management at Darton State College is
designed to prepare the student for entry-level employment in either a hospital-based or
population-based cancer registry.
Cancer registries play an important role in the fight against cancer by identifying reportable
cancers, code and stage primary site, histology and extent of disease, and report cancer
data to healthcare officials and hospital administrators for use in cancer prevention and
control. Cancer data collected by registrars is also used to assist medical staff and
epidemiologists in special studies and research.
To be admitted to the Cancer Registry Management Program, the student must:
Be admitted to Darton State College
Complete all required Learning Support courses
Present a composite score of 870 on the SAT or 19 or higher on the ACT
Have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA
Complete all pre-requisite course requirements or show evidence of current
enrollment and expected satisfactory completion of pre-requisite courses
Complete and submit an application for admission to the program to the Program
Director before May 31 for consideration for fall semester
Comply with all technology requirements as listed under the Online Tab on the
Darton State College Homepage, this includes but is not limited to dependable
computer access and internet browser, Adobe, Microsoft office suite, RealPlayer,
etc. See Online Technical Requirements for full details.
Schedule an interview with the Program Director
Not already in another Health Sciences Division Program
Additional Requirements:
1. To continue in the Cancer Registry Management (CRM) program, a “C” is
required in all HITE courses. If the student fails to make a “C” in an HITE course,
and it is the student’s first failure, the student may reapply to the CRM program.
All of the student’s previous HITE course work will be evaluated by the Program
Director and the CRM faculty and the Program Director will make the final
decision for continuation in the program. More than one “D” or “F” in HITE
courses will result in permanent dismissal from the program.
2. Because of the nature of the profession, the student is required to sign and abide
by a statement that the student will honor the confidential nature of
health/medical records. A charge of breach of confidentiality will be treated
according to the procedures outlined in the Student Handbook, “Code of
3. A student may be denied permission to continue in the program if, in the opinion
of the faculty, the Health Sciences Dean and the Vice President of Academic
Affairs, the student does not demonstrate the necessary qualifications for a
cancer registrar.
4. To satisfactorily complete the curriculum and develop the skills required of an
entry level registrar, the student must demonstrate:
a. Visual Acuity (with or without corrective lenses) to read paper,
microfilm and electronic documents
b. Physical Ability to process reports and records, to operate equipment
necessary for record keeping (manually operated filing equipment,
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