Darton State College Catalog 2013 - 2014 - page 325

patient instruction and education, complete proper documentation and
communicate with physicians and other health care workers professionally.
Additional Fees and Costs:
Professional liability insurance is required prior to clinical assignment. Fees are
assessed annually in the spring as part of the students Tuition and Fees.
Students are required to complete a series of Hepatitis B vaccinations. A series
of at least 3 shots are required. Costs will vary depending on the student’s choice
of provider. Students must have completed at least the first 2 shots of the series
prior to clinical assignment. See the program handbook for more information.
Students are required to take a comprehensive self-assessment exam in their
final semester. Fees for this exam are assessed in the final semester.
Students are required to have approved uniforms, shoes, lab coat, stethoscope,
and a watch capable of reading seconds.
Students will complete American Heart Association BLS, ACLS, PALS and NRP
courses as they progress through the program. Fees for these courses are
assessed as required. See the program handbook for more information.
Student membership in the American association for Respiratory Care is strongly
Student membership fees are $50.00
Students will be required to undergo a criminal background check before clinical
assignment. Darton State College uses a company called PreCheck for this
purpose. Fees for this background check are assessed during the first semester
of the professional curriculum.
Students will be required to complete a drug screen prior to clinical assignment.
The Respiratory program currently uses Doctors Lab for this purpose. Students
will be required to pay for and complete this drug screen before attending any
clinical rotations.
Students will be required to be fingerprinted prior to clinical assignment. Students
may be fingerprinted at their local county Sheriff’s office usually for a relatively
small fee.
Students must be prepared to travel to out of town clinical assignments. These
are not optional and the student is responsible for the costs of travel to these out
of town facilities. See the program handbook for more information.
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