Darton State College Catalog 2013 - 2014 - page 371

students should be able to prepare and perform basic laboratory procedures
using lab ware, solutions and equipment according to prescribed protocols.
Prerequisite: None.
Offered: On demand.
2202K Applications in Biotechnology
This course is designed for students to gain experience in conducting supervised
research on a particular research project. In addition, students will conduct
literature reviews, present experimental findings, and present an oral and poster
presentation of all research conducted at end of the course.
Prerequisite: BIOM 2101K, BIOL 2115K.
Offered: On demand.
2204K Cellular/Molecular Biology
This course allows students to explore the major events that occur inside a cell.
The emphasis is on cellular organization, protein trafficking, secretory
mechanisms, second messengers, and pathological conditions. Upon
completion, students should be able to recognize and describe the inner
workings of the cell at the molecular level. This course has been approved to
satisfy the Comprehensive Articulation Agreements for transferability as a pre-
major and/or elective course requirement.
Prerequisites: BIOL 1107K.
Offered: Spring.
2205K Introduction to Biochemistry
The purpose of this course is to explore the major biochemical events that occur
inside prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. The main areas of focus are on catabolic/
anabolic chemical reactions that occur in cells; major metabolic pathways in a
cell; impact of pH, acidity and alkalinity on metabolism; properties of buffers;
chemical/structural properties of proteins; protein-protein interactions; character-
istics of amino acids; and general enzyme functions. Supplemental learning is
conducted via lab activities which include chromatography, spectrophotometry,
DNA analysis, DNA amplification, and protein production/purification. This class
meetes the biochemistry requirements for Darton’s pre-pharmacy majors
applying to Mercer University school of Pharmacy.
Prerequisites: Permission of program director.
Offered: Fall.
BIOM 2210K Biomedical Laboratory Experience
This course provides an opportunity to pursue an individual laboratory project in
biotechnology. Emphasis is placed on developing, performing and maintaining
records of a project in a specific area of interest. Upon completion, students
should be able to complete the project with accurate records and demonstrate an
understanding of the project.
Prerequisite: BIOM 2201K.
Offered: On demand.
1005 Business Mathematics
Basic processes in mathematics, problems, and exercises develop proficiency in
quantity-oriented operations. Management-oriented materials are included to
introduce mathematics as a tool in management decision-making.
Corequisite: None.
Prerequisite: READ 0099 or a minimum reading CPE score of 75 and MATH
Offered: On demand.
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