Darton State College Catalog 2013 - 2014 - page 82

The career programs of study are designed for students whose primary educational goal
is a two-year Associate Degree or a certificate based on a planned occupational program.
They also apply equally to students already in occupations who desire to upgrade their
educational level. In general, however, they are designed for students who will enter their
career at the end of one or two years of college and may or may not continue their college
The courses making up programs of study in career programs have been selected to
give the student the best possible background needed for employment following the
completion of the program. Therefore, some of the courses listed in each of the programs
may not be transferable to other institutions because they may not offer comparable
courses. If in doubt as to whether a particular course will transfer to another institution,
students are encouraged to consult their advisors or contact the other institution involved.
The College reserves the right to discontinue, at any time, the enrollment of a student in
a career program if, in the judgment of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the
particular departmental faculty involved, the student does not appear to have the necessary
qualifications to continue in the program. However, the student may be permitted to
continue in school in another program of study.
Admissions requirements to the College are listed in the Admissions section of this
catalog. Only additional requirements for career programs will be listed with the program's
course of study. For additional information, contact the Director of Admissions or the
Coordinator of the program concerned.
The following programs of study are designed for students whose educational goal is a
four-year degree, the first two years of which they can complete at Darton State College.
These students will take the Core Curriculum of sixty (60) hours as listed on page 70 plus
the program of study appropriate to their academic objective, and up to four (4) courses in
physical education as required.
A certificate is awarded for successful completion of a specialized set of skills or program
of study similar to career associate degrees, but normally with fewer courses. Certificates
range in length from 8-50 credits. Several certificates are intended to be portions of
diplomas or degrees. Thus, a student completing certain certificates will have completed a
skill set that is part of a series of skills that may be used to complete a diploma or associate
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