Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 235

11. In order to successfully complete the clinical practicums and work effectively as a
PTA, students are required to possess the following functional abilities and critical
a. Able to stand, walk on all surfaces, stoop, bend, kneel, crouch, and sit for long
periods of time.
b. Able to maintain good balance to assist with gait and transfer training.
c. Able to transfer or maneuver (by self or with assistance) patients weighing up to
300 pounds.
d. Able to lift, push, pull, and carry objects weighting up to fifty pounds.
e. Able to reach above and below the waist.
f. Able to manually, auditorially, and visually operate and/or manipulate
wheelchairs, mobile aids, ambulation devices, instrumentation, and equipment.
g. Able to visually and cognitively recognize changes in a patient's condition.
h. Able to effectively communicate with patients and relay information about a
patient verbally and in writing.
I. Able to wear appropriate protective equipment and to tolerate unsightly, noxious
j. Able to manage physical, emotional, and mental stress effectively.
k. Able to tolerate others’ value systems, morals, cultures, and religions, which may
be different from your own.
l. Able to exhibit professional behavior and ethical conduct in a clinic and
Re-Admission of Returning Students:
Any student who fails a PTA course will not be able to continue onto the next semester
of PTA courses. If this is the student’s first failure, the student may re-apply to the PTA
Program for the following year. If the student fails for a second time, it will result in
permanent dismissal from the program without change of re-admission.
Depending on your enrollment status, you may be required to take DART 1000, “First
Year Experience.”
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