Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 68

Laboratory Services
– Mathematics, Reading, and Writing Laboratories are located on
the second floor of the McKnight Building (F Building.) Their support services are offered
free of charge to students enrolled in either Learning Support classes or college credit
classes. Lab directors and assistants give students individual help. The labs are open both
day and evening for the convenience of all Darton State College students.
Veterans of more than one year of active military service may be given credit for four (4)
courses of health or physical education upon presentation of Form DD 214 to the
Registrar’s Office. Veterans must make this request before enrolling in a health or physical
education course.
Additional college credit may be awarded for military course completion after review of
the applicant’s military service transcript if it is determined to be equivalent to courses
offered by the institution. Students should initiate review by submitting the appropriate
military transcript (AARTS, SMART, CCAF, or CGI) to either the Admissions Office or the
Registrar’s Office, respective of student status.
Students wishing to appeal the initial review of their military transcript are encouraged to
request a secondary review to either the Admissions Office or the Registrar’s Office,
respective of student status. The respective office will forward the secondary review to
the appropriate dean.
Programs for academically superior students attending Darton State College consist of
the Honors Program and Credit by Exam for the Advanced Placement. These programs
are under the direction of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Each program is
described below:
Honors Program
- Students with a strong academic background in high school and/or
college work are encouraged to apply for admission to the Darton State College Honors
Program. Application forms for the Honors Program are available from the Honors Program
Coordinator or the Admissions Office. Because enrollment is limited, students are
encouraged to make application by August 1 for Fall Semester. Late applications are
accepted on a space available basis.
The Honors Program offers special academic classes to prepare students for admission
to competitive programs of study at senior colleges and universities, and for positions of
leadership and responsibility in their chosen career. Students also enjoy special social and
enrichment opportunities that foster personal growth and friendships. Active participants in
the program receive Honors Day Recognition and a stipend of $200 per semester.
The program offers two levels of achievement – Scholar and Sage.
Scholar – Students at this level need to complete
courses with an A
or a B. Students must also maintain an overall 3.0 Darton G.P.A. A
certificate is awarded to Scholar students.
Sage – Students at this level need to complete
courses with an A or a
B. Students must also maintain an overall 3.0 Darton G.P.A. A medallion,
wall plaque, and transcript which says “Honors Program Graduate” are
awarded to Sage students.
A Leadership Development class is mandatory for both levels.
Students at both levels are required to participate in cultural, community
and leadership activities each semester.
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