Auxiliary Services Mission

The mission of Auxiliary Services is to promote and enhance the mission and guiding principles of Albany State University. The goal is to extend the learning environment beyond the classroom through interaction with the various auxiliary units—Bookstore, Dining Services to include Meal Plans, Card Services, Events/Campus Scheduling, Parking Services, Print/Copy Services, Student Transportation Services and Vending Operations. We are committed to promoting excellence in teaching and learning as the University prepares the student to be effective contributors to a globally diverse society, where knowledge and technology create opportunities for personal and professional success. We assist in the recruitment and retention of students by encouraging them to take personal responsibility for their decisions and by creating an environment that provides the students the necessary tools to be successful. We strive for excellence in all aspects of the operation of all auxiliary units. Staff responds to the needs and desires of the students by keeping abreast of market trends and making adjustments to the offerings of the departments.

By Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia Policy, Auxiliary Services must financially self-sustaining. Since no State, Federal or local funds are available to support any operation of the auxiliary units, each individual unit within the department must be financial stable. Attention is paid to control costs and improve services to our customers…..the students, faculty and staff of Albany State University.

Auxiliary Services provides additional support and management of other functions for the entire university.

We Promise To:

Provide goods, products or services in all areas that are of the best quality and at an affordable price. We offer premium brand name products and services as well as specialty house brand merchandise and products.

We are here for you...every step of the way!

Auxiliary Services is committed to serving students, faculty and staff in a friendly and professional environment.