Emergency Preparedness

Active Shooter Bomb Threat Earthquake
Fire Flood Hazardous Waste

If any of the above are taking place
please contact ASU PD (229) 430-4711 or 911 immediately.

  • Make sure you are not in danger. Get to a safe place for cover.
  • Avoid pulling the fire alarm and be aware if the fire alarm is pulled. The shooter may pull the alarm to gain access to potential victims.
  • Be ready to fight, run or hide to ensure you survive the incident.
  • If you barricade in a safe area, turn off lights, cell phone and keep quiet until an all clear is presented by the police.
  • Try to calm others down if possible in the event barricaded in a safe area.

All Faculty, Staff and Students should attend training provided by the Albany State University Police Department on how to respond and react to an “Active Shooter Incident.”

Tornado Warnings

  • A tornado warning is issued when a tornado has been sighted, or indicated by weather radar, in the area.
  • It is important to monitor local TV and radio stations, weather radio, weather related internet sites, etc., for severe weather updates.
  • Be prepared to take shelter in designated shelter areas and proceed to the lowest point in a building.
  • The ASU PD will send out a Connect 5 message and sound the Emergency Sirens in the event of a Tornado Warning.
  • Do not pull fire alarms.
  • Stay away from windows and avoid the outside area to include vehicles.

Bomb Threats

  • Bomb threats are usually called in by phone. Always remain calm and obtain as much information as possible from the caller.
  • Where is the bomb located? (Building area, floor, room, etc.)
  • When does it look like?
  • What time is the bomb going off?
  • What kind of bomb is it?
  • Did you place the bomb?
  • What is your name?
  • Notify the ASU PD at (229) 430-4711 or 911 immediately to give the information you have obtained- Describe the caller’s voice, any background noises you heard, and the exact wording of the message.
  • If the bomb threat is received by a handwritten note, call the ASU PD (229) 430-4711 and handle the note as minimally as possible.
  • Do not touch suspicious packages! Be sure to inform the ASU PD of any suspicious packages, items or people in the area.
  • Follow instructions from the Building Safety and Security Representative and the first responders in regards to evacuation assembly areas.