At Albany State University‘s Division of Music, excellence is achieved through high academic standards, intensive musical training, and opportunities for performance and artistic development. In concert with its celebrated faculty, the ASU Music Division also boasts of its instructional resources that utilize the latest technological advances, including state-of-the-art recording capabilities, and a model classroom for computer assisted instruction in music theory and ear training.

Albany State‘s Division of Music offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in Music and the Bachelor of Music Education degree with applied concentration in voice, piano, wind instruments, and percussion. The undergraduate program offers a thorough curriculum of applied and academic major courses designed to prepare students upon graduation to successfully enter the job market or to continue further study at the graduate level. The Division’s Master of Music Education degree program is designed to produce higher levels of scholarship and creativity, while at the same time being receptive to the practical needs of the post graduate student.

Participation in performance organizations relative to the student’s area of applied specialty is required of all undergraduate majors. Music majors may enter the discipline either at the freshman or transfer level. It is important for entering freshman music majors to identify themselves before or upon registration, as there are music division entrance requirements. Transfer students will enter at a stage commensurate with their level of proficiency and prior instruction. For acceptance into major vocal or instrumental applied courses, students must have had prior instruction and demonstrate requisite proficiency via an audition before the music faculty. A second juried audition prior to acceptance into junior level applied courses is also required, and a final Senior Recital must be presented in order to graduate. Additionally, for acceptance into and graduation from the discipline, students pursuing the Bachelor of Music Education degree must have and maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.50 or better. Students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts degree in Music must maintain a GPA of 2.25 or better.

Major’s CheckSheet:

“Performing excellence”, aptly describes the creative activities of Albany State‘s faculty and performing organizations. Albany State’s music faculty, who are noted scholars and master teachers also have successful, active performing, careers, nationally and internationally. Albany State student performing organizations–open to music majors and non majors–include :

  • The ASU Marching Rams Show Band, a renowned band of nearly 150 marching members that performs at home and away football games, parades, and special functions throughout the year
  • The Pep Band, performing their spirited program during basketball season
  • The ASU Concert Band, performing concert literature for formal university and community functions
  • The ASU Jazz Ensemble, a lab-type ensemble that performs jazz literature of all styles and from all periods
  • The ASU Symphonic Band, an award winning ensemble that performs challenging literature from all historic eras

The ASU Concert Chorale and Chamber singers are Albany State‘s international award winning choral. The Concert Chorale performs outstanding chorale literature from every period of the vast repertoire, and travels extensively throughout the state, nation, and abroad.
The ASU Opera Lab/Workshop, open to students via an audition, provides intensive training and performance experience in opera. Students perform in scenes or entire operas, staged with sets and costumes.

For more information on these organizations, or for audition information, contact the Albany State Department of Fine Arts at (229) 430-4849.