Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Institutional Capabilities & Faculty Research Interests

College of Arts and Humanities

Name Faculty Discipline Interest
Adams-Cooper, Veronica Public Administration Community and Economic Development, Nonprofits, Poverty, Civic Engagement [Summary]
Dauphin, Robert Public Administration Public and Private Managements, Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Public Administration Learning, International Politics and Administrative [Summary]
Gosdin, Melissa Sociology Mental Health Disparities, Maternal Health [Summary]
Handwerk, Sandra Public Administration HIV, Suicide, Men’s Health, Community/ Population Health and Health Disparities, Prevention [Summary]
Mason, Hema Psychology The family structure, especially the pivotal role fathers play within that structure; Mental health disparities and social determinants of health
Quantitative research skills, statistical analyses. [Summary]
Neubauer, Bruce Public Administration Innovative teaching methods [Summary]
Ngwafu, Peter Public Administration Public Policy, Leadership, Organizational Behavior, International Relations, Human Resources Management, Diversity Management, Public Governance, African Politics, American Government and Politics. [Summary]
Rosenbaum, Judith Mass Communication Health literacy, social media, media literacy, media selectivity and enjoyment [Summary]

College of Sciences and Health Professions

Name Faculty Discipline Interest
Cooper, Anthony Biology Mutagenic effect of artificial sweeteners on Bacteria. And, the Effectiveness of Online Learning related to student academic success, retention, and failure. [Summary]
Byung-Hoon, Kim Molecular Genetics Crosstalk among environmental factors [Summary]
Devarapu, Anilkumar Mathematics Computational Fluid Dynamics; Numerical Simulations; Computational Biology; Differential Equations and Biometrics. [Summary]
Hu, Waniun Math & Computer Science General Topology, Educational Technology, Computer Graphics. [Summary]
Jain, Ashok Biology Breast Cancer [Summary]
Jones, Anta’sha Biology Cancer Biology and Public Health [Summary]
Kunwar, Vijay Jung Mathematics Differential Equations, Algorithms, Special Functions [Summary]
Lee, Yong Jin Microbiology Microbial Ecology, Environmental Genomics, Microbial Water Quality, Anaerobic Microbiology, Human Microbiome, Climate Change Biology [Summary]
Lemon, Kenya Cell and Molecular Medicine MicroRNAs and cancer, epigenetics of cancer and common disease [Summary]
Mason, Richard Chemistry Organic semiconducting materials [Summary]
McCrary, JoAnn Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary academic knowledge, skills, training and expertise in Clinical Laboratory Medicine, Plant Physiology, Botanical Sciences – Biological/Biomedical Sciences and Carcinogenesis (Biochemistry). Ethnopharmacology (Botanical Medicine), Biochemical Toxicology, Initiatives in Science. [Summary]
Merchant, Kendra Biology Prostate Cancer Phytotherapeutics [Summary]
Ofodile, Chinenye Mathematics Combinatorics [Summary]
Okafor, Uzoma Forensic Science Protein Biochemistry, Pharmacognosy, Forensic Toxicology, Forensic Serology, Oncology. [Summary]
Okonkwo, Zephyrius Mathematics Functional Differential Equations, Stochastic Differential Equations, Discrete Systems, Mathematical Modeling of physical Phenomena, Control of Systems Governed by Differential Equations [Summary]
Oommen, Zachariah Forensic Science Trace Evidence Analysis, Gunshot Residue Analysis, Automobile Paint Chip Characterization Polymer blends, mainly morphological characterization using Scanning Electron Microscope, and Spectroscopic characterization IR. [Summary]
Owor, Robert Computer Science and Software Engineering Cryptography, Hypermedia Visualization, Penetration Testing, Simulation [Summary]
Paudel, Laximi Mathematics Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Real Functions. [Summary]
Randle, Diandra Biology Prostate Cancer [Summary]
Roosta, Seyed Computer Science High Performance Computing, Computer Architecture, Data Communication and Networking, Graph Theory, Algorithms. [Summary]
Saha, Arun Physics Material characterization at microwave frequency, nanomaterial based cancer cell killing, Wireless power transfer. [Summary]
Williams, Shayla Environmental Microbiology Teaching, Mentorship, Women’s Health [Summary]

College of Education

Name Faculty Discipline Interest
Bembry, Deborah Educational Leadership School Law and Educational Policy, Parental Involvement, Employee Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction, Alternative Schooling, Student Discipline, Alternative Educational Programs and flexible time for school age children [Summary]
DeCuir, Erica K-12 Education (Curriculum and Instruction) High-Stakes Testing, Instructional Methods, Educational Policy, Educational Policy, State Assessment Systems, Integrated Curriculum [Summary]
Medlin, Dorene Science Education Impact of effective teaching practices on student performance, eg. Peer Teaching, Writing across the curriculum, Differentiated Instruction; Use of alternative assessments to determine student success [Summary]
Pogue, Tiffany Education Black Literacy Traditions, African Diaspora, Community Engagement, History of Black Education, Non-Western Pedagogies, Diasporic African Spiritual Traditions, Diversifying the Teacher Workforce [Summary]
Porter, Rhonda Mathematics Education Professional Development of Faculty, Teaching & Learning of Mathematics, Assessment techniques and Curriculum Development [Summary]
Walker, Quiteya Counseling Disability Support Services; Self-Advocacy; Transition Services for Student with Disabilities; Rural Counseling; Social Justice and Ethical Issues in Counseling [Summary]