Enhanced Learning

  •  We can help you develop effective pedagogical strategies that use writing as a tool that will enhance your students’ learning.


  • We can help you use Web 2.0 technology to create a more dynamic and effective learning environment for your students.

Creative Alternatives

  • We can brainstorm creative learning opportunities with you that will engage your students more actively in the content and create a learning community.




  •  We can help you brainstorm your topic or develop points for your outline.


  • We can help you navigate Galileo to find helpful information to support your research and develop your ideas.


  • We can show you how to use a variety of software to develop your project, format your documents, or explore the content.


  •  We have a variety of tutorials to assist you with documentation, research, and general writing tools. Check out the links on our tutorials page!

*NOTE: Writing Specialists do not serve as copy editors, but may give advice and suggestions to students for proofreading and revising their documents.