What is Political Science?

Political Science is the study of political systems and behavior.  Although it is one of the most recently professionalized social sciences, people have long studied politics through their observations about the nature of government, different rulers, and the consequences of governments’ actions, and how groups and socieites structure power and allocate resources.

In the Western World, Political Scientists have moved from simply observing political institutions to scientific studies of political behavior. Today, Political Science is much more than the study of Civics, Government, or American Politics. The research techniques utilized are those of all of the social sciences and the scope of topics studied is global.

What Can I Do With a Political Science Degree?

As a major course of study, political science is not intended to train you for a specific job or career. Political Science graduates successfully compete for positions of all types. However, there are some careers for which an extensive training in political science is most useful. This is true especially for those planning careers in teaching, the law, state and local government, urban planning, the federal bureaucracy, journalism, or among thousands of interest group organizations. Traditionally, more than half of all political science graduates find positions in private business.

How Does Albany State’s Political Science Program Work?

At ASU, opportunities for “hands-on” types of experiences will be available to supplement classroom experience. For example, all Political Science majors will have the opportunity to apply for the Georgia Legislative Intern and Washington Honors Semester Program. Other political science majors will serve as interns in governmental and political offices near campus. The Pre-Law students will enjoy serving as interns with the American Bar Association, Public Defenders and Law firms in the state and across the country. Without any doubt, satisfying careers such as a Member of the House of Representatives, Press Secretary, Hospital Administrators, Attorneys at Law, College Professors, Campaign managers, City managers, and State and National Legislative Officers are what the future holds for political science majors.

The Bachelor of Arts degree with concentration in Political Science is offered in four emphasis areas:

American Politics

Legal Studies


Public Administration

International Affairs

The Political Science course work and students are assisted by a substantial library collection. The Department of History, Political Science, and Public Administration also has access to a computer laboratory for use by students.

Double Major in History and Political Science Fact Sheet

The double major in History and Political Science allows a student to gain the skills associated with the two majors and to do so with a maximum of 133 academic hours. With only one extra semester, a student can attain all of the basic skills of the two majors. After taking the core courses required in both of the majors (60 academic hours), the student will take the major components of the two disciplines. In History, he/she will take courses from three separate areas: American History, European History, and Non-Western History. In Political Science, he/she will take courses from the following areas: International Relations/Comparative Government; American, National, State, and Local Government; and Constitutional Law. The student will then choose a subject in either History or Political Science for his/her senior research project. This concentration will provide students with a very effective program of courses for Pre-Law while also giving them the tools for success in graduate studies.

Dr. Kwame B. Dankwa

Political Science Program Coordinator