Student Disability Services Privacy/Release Info

The Counseling and Student Disability Services Center (CSDS) is committed to ensuring that all information regarding a student is maintained as confidential as required or permitted by law. The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) 1974, provides guidelines on right of access and disclosure of student records. Any information collected by the SDC is used for the benefit of the student. This information may include biographical information, disability information, and case notes.

1. Policy

  • Only staff from CSDS has immediate access to student disability files.
  • Any information regarding a disability obtained from the student or other sources shall be considered confidential.
  • Documents in disability files created by CSDS will not be released to an outside third party without the written consent of the student (FERPA).
  • Documents in the disability file obtained from a third party (i.e. medical records, diagnostic reports) will be released only to the student with the appropriate written authorization.
  • Information regarding a student’s disability can be shared WITHOUT prior written permission in certain circumstances. Refer to UGA’s Office of the Registrar at for detailed information regarding FERPA policies.
  • CSDS will retain a copy of all disability records. If a student wishes to have a record expunged, a written request must be made to the Student Disability Coordinator who will make a determination.
  • A student may review the contents of his/her file with a CSDS staff member

2. General Principles

  • All disability related information is housed at the CSDS.
  • Disability files are secured in locked cabinets.
  • Faculty does not have access to student disability files.
  • Neither disability nor the use of accommodations is noted on a student’s transcripts or diploma.
  • This confidentiality policy remains in effect after the student no longer is enrolled at the University.
  • As part of new employee orientation, the CSDS requires office members to sign an Employee Confidentiality Agreement.
  • CSDS will retain a copy of the confidentiality policy in the CSDS Policy and Procedure Manual.

Review of this policy will take place annually.