My name is Antonio Leroy and I currently serve as the Executive Director for the Center for the African American Male (CAAM) mentoring program.

CAAM seeks to enable students to discover their authentic identities by allowing them to achieve their full potential as scholars and assume leadership roles in their community upon graduation.  CAAM also strives to develop the image, as well as the quality of life of African American families by addressing the developmental needs, interests, and talents of mail collegiate students and youth. It is the ultimate mission of CAAM to improve the ‘TOTAL MAN’ academically, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially.

I know you have some questions and maybe even some reservations about leaving your family, your friends and your community.  For a young man, that is asking a lot.  However, the good news is that YOU CAN DO IT!  As an incoming freshman, you are starting out with a 4.0 grade point average. If you commit to your education by doing the following: believe in yourself, prepare for class, attend class regularly, maintain high academic standards, study regularly, balance your academics and play, hold yourself accountable for your future, call your parents and siblings, and walk with faith and assurance, you will maintain a high level of academic achievement and graduate on time!!!

This transition is vital for you to mature into a highly successful and responsible man, educated citizen and involved alumnus. It is my belief you will take full advantage of the resources we have to offer on our state of the art 231 acre campus.

As a former student-athlete and graduate of Albany State University, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for joining the Albany State University family.  As a new family member, we have expectations and rules you must adhere to during your time at the University.  Such as give your best effort, be on time, be involved, be a gentleman, be committed and become a graduate of Albany State University.

In closing, please reflect on my words and have a safe and enjoyable academic year.


Antonio Leroy