The Art Division of Albany State University offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in visual art. This degree offers concentrations in drawing, painting, sculpture, graphics, ceramics, and art history. The program provides the student with broad technical knowledge and professional skills through varied instruction in the study’s disciplines. It is further reinforced by arranged interaction with professional artists through residencies, seminars, and “work based paradigm” internships, field trips, as well as the study of liberal subjects promoting identification of purpose and social awareness. The art curriculum features a diverse combination of discipline-oriented courses structured for the enhancement of basic performance skills and individual creative exploration. Albany State University believes the Bachelor of Arts degree in Art is an essential component in the formation of a visual artist’s education. The knowledge and skills acquired in this program are the foundation for all professional and personal art-related goals. Faculty members  possessing extensive studio and teaching experience in their respective disciplines teach all art courses. The curriculum consists of 46 semester hours of core courses, 18 hours of major courses, 39 hours of major requirements, and 18 hours of major electives totaling 121 hours. Potential art majors seeking admittance into the discipline:

Must submit a portfolio of previous work for review and approval before “major” status can be granted.

Additionally, for acceptance into, and graduation from the discipline, each student must have and thereafter maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.25 or better.
All majors must earn a minimum grade of C in art courses.

Major’s CheckSheet:

Senior Art majors must have a portfolio review and a senior exhibition.  Majors must perform satisfactorily on the Exit Examination.

For more information please contact: ASU Fine Arts Department at (229) 430-4849.