Description of the English Composition 1101A Course

This course is designed to teach students to become skilled thinkers, writers and communicators who can compose for a variety of disciplines and rhetorical contexts.

Description of the Critical Thinking and Reading across the Disciplines 1125A Course

The primary objective for this course is to enhance critical thinking and reading across the disciplines and to support students’ success in heavy reading courses such as biology, literature, mathematics, psychology,, world history, etc.

Description of the College Algebra 1111A  course

The focus of this course is real numbers, linear and quadratic equations, complex numbers and various types of functions.  In addition, this course offers structured, interactive labs that support and enhance class material.

Description of the Foundations of Success Course

This course is designed to encourage and coordinate support, education and advocacy for students across a broad spectrum. Targeting traditional and nontraditional students, the course places emphasis on academic success strategies through guided study groups, academic counseling, critical thinking exercises, peer tutoring and mentoring activities through both curricular and extracurricular activities.


Research has shown that students in learning communities are much more successful than those who are not, and being involved in such cohorts encourages students to do their best as well as gives them the kind of peer support and camaraderie they need in order to succeed.  The Academic Success Unit has had several learning communities as a part of the curriculum, the most popular of which has been the pairing of the Foundations of Success and the English Composition class.